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"I get what may be my greatest fulfillment from performing live. That's when I get to use my talent" (Quote Jeff Trachta, Soap Opera Magazine, November 25. 1997).

And Jeff Trachta has certainly use that talent frequently, and he has also been rewarded.

1995: LA Critics Award won for "Agency"

1995: Robby Award: Best Solo Performance won for "Agency"

January 1998: Jeff Trachta recieved the Drama- Logue Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theater, he won for his portrayel of Kenny Brewster in the musical comedy: "3 Guys Naked From The Waist And Down" To find out more about that play please go to the Theater page,  to read reviews please go to the What People Say page.

In the Fall of 1998 Jeff was nominated for an Ovation Award in Los Angeles, and again it was for the role of Kenny Brewster in "3 Guys Naked From The Waist And Down", but sadly Jeff didn't win.'



It is no secret that the two duet albums Jeff Trachta released togther with his then co-star Bobbie Eakes were very succesful in Europe, the Netherlands especially.

Bold & Beautiful Duets released in 1994 from Arcade turned Double Platinum.

Duets 2 released in 1995 from Arcade turned Gold after having been on sale for only three days in the Netherlands, and it went on and became equally as succesful as the first album.

To compare then B&B Duets only sold 6000 copies in Denmark in 1994. 2000 of those copies where pre-ordered.

A Bold & Beautiful Christmas also turned Gold, and sold about 80000 copies in the Netherlands.

Other countries where the albums were succesful include: Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland & Italy. In some of those countries the albums even turned Platinum and Double Platinum. Unfortunately I don't have the exact number of albums sold, yet, but I'm working on it.

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