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Latest News:

10/14/99: To find out what happened last week, and why to scheduled events in Europe here in October were cancelled, please read the official statement from Cathy Tomas, Jeff's assistant at:, it's the Fanpage for Bobbie Eakes & Jeff Trachta, or you can go to A&A Site 4 Bobbie & Jeff to find out how you can support Jeff Trachta at: Newssite4 Jeff Trachta and Bobbie Eakes-homepage

09/25/99: When Jeff Trachta in October comes to Holland & Belgium he will in addition to prior mentioned events also attend a Fashion show in Antwerp, Belgium on October the 10., for tickets call:(0032)75/58.60.96.

09/04/99: Jeff Trachta is currently shooting a guest starring role for Pamela Sue Andersons series V.I.P, the airdate is yet unknown, details will follow later.

08/10/99: Jeff Trachta will do a birthday concert in Bodegraven, Holland on October the 8., Jeff's visit to Holland also includes attending the 5. anniversary of the Bobbie Eakes & Jeff Trachta Fanclub on October the 14.. In addition to that Jeff will on October the 16. participate in the celebration of Jo Valley ( a singer from Belgium), this will take place in Antwerp, Belgium at something called "Sportpaleis"

07/28/99: If you are in the neighborhood around Muskegon, Michigan in August, drop by the Cherry County Playhouse to see Jeff in "Cinderella". The address is: 425 W. Western Avenue #406, Muskegon, MI 49440, USA. The phone# for the theater is: 616-777-8888. For tickets call: 1-800-585-3737

07/27/99: Yesterday Bobbie Eakes stated in an online interview at Stein Online, that the reason why she & Jeff only made two duet albums was because the record company only wanted them to make two. So who knows: Maybe they'll make another duet album later on.

07/25/99: From August 12-15 & 17-21, will Jeff play the Prince in Cinderella at the Cherry County Theatre in Muskegon, West Michigan. Tickets can be ordered online via

07/25/99:Jeff Trachta just finished with the musical "Bye, Bye Birdie", he played the role of Conrad Birdie. The play was in both Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Reviews and pictures have been added

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