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Besides from being a very talented actor Jeff Trachta also sings and during the last 9-10 years he has been a part a these albums. Some of them are still avaible in stores, otherwise some can be found on the internet. To see how well the albums have sold, please go to the Awards page. To see the lyrics of Jeff Trachta's recordings press here, or click on the albums listed below, and the requested page will appear.


1991: "Soap Opera's greatest Love Themes". BMG Music. Sang "This Time Around" duet with Bobbie Eakes.

soap.jpg (16001 bytes) Soap Opera's Greatest Love Themes

1992: "With Love From The Soaps". : "Part Of My Life"

1994: "Bold & Beautiful Duets" Arcade. Duet album with Bobbie Eakes. Includes: "What's Forever For", "Love To Love You (in the Morning)", "Celebrate Your Life With Me" & "Seperate Lives".

cdgd1.jpg (159758 bytes) In Scandinavia "B&B" is called "Glamour"

1994: "Bold & Beautiful Christmas" Arcade. Album made together with: Bobbie Eakes, John McCook, Darlene Conley, Schae Harrison & Ronn Moss. Includes:"Love Is The Gift", "Sleigh Ride", "I'll Be Home For Christmas" & "Happy New Year"

cdgc.jpg (178013 bytes) A Christmas with the stars

1995: "Duets II" Arcade. Second duet album with Bobbie Eakes. Includes: "Reunited", "Catch Me When I'm Falling", "Once In A Lifetime Love" & "Without You"

cdgd2.jpg (199882 bytes) The success continues



The Danish TV station on which B&B is "shown" released an album in 1998, entitled "Glamour Greatest hits", featuring Jeff Trachta, Bobbie Eakes & John McCook. The album contained a selection of "B&B" Lovesongs I & II, aswell as some of John McCooks songs.

cdgghdk.jpg (179632 bytes) A Danish release

There has also been made special editions of the duet albums combined with song released by other "B&B" stars in other countries such as: Finland, Holland etc.



1994: "What's Forever For" Arcade. Duet with Bobbie Eakes. Includes: "What's Forever For" & "I Will Always Be With You"

1994: "Love To Love You (In The Morning)" Arcade. Duet with Bobbie Eakes. Incudes:"Love to Love You (In The Morning)" original version & remix

1995: "Once In A Lifetime Love" Arcade. Duet with Bobbie Eakes. Includes: "Once In A Lifetime Love" & "Tonight I Celebrate My Love"

1997: "Perfect Harmony" Dino Music. Duet with Linda de Mol. The other song on the singel is: "Young Girl" sung by Jeff Trachta.

jeff&linda.bmp (77494 bytes) "Perfect Harmony"

1998: "Say Goodbye" Dino Music. Includes: "Say Goodbye" & "It's Just A Miracle"

saygood.bmp (78622 bytes) "Say Goodbye"



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