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This page is a Thank You page. Because I couldn't have made this page had it not been for their co-operation. So..

"I would like to thank the following people":

A special thanks goes out to the following people:

Betina Jensen from Denmark who provided me with pictures of Bobbie & Jeffs concert on Bakken, Denmark in 1993, and other B&B related stuff

Dorte Kristensen from Denmark for getting me started when it all began a long, long time ago.

Heidi Wittrup from Denmark for letting me buy your Jeff Trachta collection, your Bobbie Eakes collection and making it possible for me to buy Jeffs singles, Bobbies solo album, photos from around the world, and the B&B stuff from Finland: The book & 1997 Calendar

Anne-Marie Wiik from Norway for exchanging photos and articles with me, to help expand my collection. And for helping me write the lyrics to Jeff's songs.

Also a great thanks to those people in Denmark you have helped me after I created this page with just about everything regarding Jeff Trachta, and to the people around the World who've helped me with any questions/comments I might have had. And finally a great thanks to the people who've send me pictures, reviews etc., they've been very helpful, and I really appreciate it.

Photo courtesies: (please let me know, if I've forgotten someone)

CBS (The Bold & The Beautiful)

Heidi Wittrup (Denmark)

Betina Jensen (Denmark)

Henrik Hildebrandt (Denmark) photos used for the Advent Calendar 1999

Jessica Van Dijk (Holland)

Magazines from: USA, Holland, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, GB, Finland, Canada, Austria.

Other copyrights:

Various Soap Opera Magazines from: Australia & USA

Various magazines from around the world: USA, Holland, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, GB, Finland, Canada, Austria.

Various B&B books: The Bold & The Beautiful - A Tenth Anniversairy Celebration (American), Kaunit ja rohkeat vierailut ja salaisuudet (Finnish) & The Bold & The Beautiful (Dutch)


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